What is Ham Kids Club?

Ham kids is a neighborhood school project geared to get the kids to spend less time playing computer games and enguage in the technology that makes them possible.

Goals of this project:

To engauge and challenge kids to explore the roots and destination of technology and electronics.

To understand energy storage battery and charging systems including wind, water and solar power.

To understand and practice radio frequency communications.

To understand and practice radio and computer networks.

To receive ham radio licence - CSCE (Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination) Technicin class or higher.

To build, test, deploy and implement a neighborhood HSSM MESH network.

To deploy services on that network. EG: Minecraft, Teamspeak, web servers, video servers, game servers, MAME, and more.

Materials needed for each classroom (or student who wishes to take it home )

Linksys WRT54G with removable antennas.(5 to 10 dollars at the good will or garage sale)

12 Volt 6.5 AH gel cell battery or larger. (ask your alarm guy if he has a spare)

10 - 50 watt Solar panel (look around for sales like Pep Boys)

2.4 WIFI antenna

Laptop of any kind with ethernet port.

check back for sign up form.


Send donations to:

Anthony Domingo

7330 Yolanda Ave.

Reseda CA 91335

818 683-4885 cell