Joe Lew and his Rocket Car
Joe Lew
And His Rocket Car

1978 VW Scirocco
1.8 Litre
325 BHP at the flywheel
2007 LBS gross weight
Turbinetix T4 Turbo charger delivering 15 lbs of boost
4 wheel disk brakes
17 inch wheels

Next race will be Fathers Day June 20 at Virgina City Hill Climb

Here are some pics
Pass_door_open.jpg 82k
dash.jpg 80k
dash_close.jpg 84k
front_view.jpg 59k
hood_open_ds.jpg 90k
in_street.jpg 71k
joe&car.jpg 80k
low_pass_side.jpg 88k
pass_side.jpg 61k
under_hood.jpg 104k
under_hood2.jpg 115k

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