Directions For Building Lighted Arches

Pound two 4 foot sections of 3/8" rebar into the ground about 2 feet deep 8 feet apart. (watch for sprinkler and water main pipes) center it exactly over the sidewalk or pathway.
Connect two 10 foot sections of 1/2" white PVC pipe together with a coupler.(do not glue)
Slide the ends of the pipes over the rebar forming an arch.
I purchased my light strings at Target because they work best, they are white wire, clear bulbs, 300 light, icicle style, 19.6 foot lighted length.
Zip Tie the ends of a 300 light string to the bottom of each side of the arch with the male plug on the house side of the sidawalk, next zip tie the center of the light string to the center of the top of the arch loosely, adjust the slack to where the light string best fits the arch,(some strings are longer or shorter then others), zip tie the string in place every 5 or 6 inches.
Connect multiple arches with 6 foot green or brown cube tap style extension cords daisy chained from one to the next.
Do the math if doing more then 10 arches on one chain of extension cords, do not exceed the current rating of the cords.
Keep the arches spaced exactly 6 feet apart for the best effect and make them as straight as possible.
I will try to get step by step pictures up soon for those who need them.

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